5 Reasons Why Dating Outside Your Type Is A Good Idea

Dump the checklist and go with your gut, a relationship writer advises. I like doctors; I once wanted to become one. I’m also drawn to European. A couple were European, but one was American, another Hispanic, and another was of Asian descent. A few were finance guys. No doctors. On paper, the men have very few common threads between them. My experience echoes recent research published in the journal Psychological Science.

4 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Do you have a type? If you looked back at all the people you’ve been with could you recognize the trend? Everyone has their preferences whether they realize it or not, some prefer blondes, others go for really talkative personalities, it all comes down to you. Some people are extremely specific so it might do well to step outside the norm and go for something new. You never know, giving that person you would normally brush aside for not being your “type” could be the one who ends up being perfect for you.

The excitement of something a little different can really change your sexual experience.

If you’ve ever come out of a bad relationship and decided you need to date someone different from your usual “type,” you’re not alone.

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of dating the same kind of person over and over. If you’re on a dating app and quickly swiping through profile photos you can just notice a simple thing like hair color or a certain kind of job and swipe accordingly. It seems almost efficient, right? Well, dating your “type” may keep things simpler, but it doesn’t necessarily get you the relationship you want. If you find yourself sticking to the same type of person when you date, it may be time to break out of the habit.

What types of activities did you both enjoy? If more, often than not, you see a pattern of everything being similar except the names, then you definitely have a type. You may find something that attracts you, a certain hair color or job or interest, and, without meaning to, you find yourself drawn to it again and again. But if your type is too specific, you may just be setting yourself up for making the same relationship mistakes again and again.

That “mysterious” type you like may just be emotionally unavailable. Maybe you love someone who has a high-powered job but constantly get annoyed at the amount of hours they work.

(Closed) Dating outside of your ‘type’?

While I was wallowing in my post-breakup misery, a friend of mine pulled up my Facebook type and urged dating to not at should objectively. She pointed to the fact that, during the last few years of my life, I had fallen into the habit of dating the same dude over and over again. After that, I started dating with variety in mind.

Dating outside your type is good because it can help you learn and grow as a person” says Morgan. For example, if you tend to stay away from.

Sign Up! When it comes to dating, we tend to gravitate towards a certain type of people. The point, being because we are so stuck to a certain kind of people, that we end up completely missing out on possibilities. You will only know when you venture outside your type. Here are 5 reasons you should totally date outside your type. Meeting someone outside your type will open you up to a whole new range of activities to explore.

It will help you come out of your comfort zone and discover new things. Maybe, you do like stand-up comedy shows after all. When you date someone outside your type, there is a possibility that you may realise that there is another type that serves your needs much better. But if you only stick to the same set of qualities you seek, you will never be able to realise this. Say yes to go on a date with someone you never thought you could date earlier.

Who knows what it could lead to? Do you have a hard and fast rule about carbs consumption? Or have a mandatory Netflix night every Friday?

When you Fall for Someone Who Just isn’t your Type

Time and time again my current suitor is compared physically to my last lover. Maybe its cultural background, skin-tone, eyes, hair, or even teeth. There is always something that we search for to serve as a platform of familiarity. While some women tend to type-cast, others simply never leave. No matter how painful the memory they stick around their last suitor optimistic in the idea that the title will one day re-emerge; this is rather than searching for a carbon copy version of their ex, they simply refuse to walk away from the original.

He definitely wasn’t someone I found attractive, but then one day he walked into class late This guy was definitely not my type, and yet there was just some X-​factor about him Sponsored: The best dating/relationships advice on the web.

My current boyfriend is not my type at all. After a string of Millenial Pablo Nerudas, Cajun poker players, and at least one saxophonist who lives in a treehouse, I was taken aback to find myself compelled by a cyber security consultant with a penchant for lifting and who drives a responsible Chevy Equinox. But in sticking to a type, we run the risk of having each relationship be a watered down reference to another. Like wear culottes. Think about it — would dating really be any fun if it were predictable?

Better yet, fall for that person and then go to Montenegro together. Double the adventure, double the fun.

Why you should be dating people who aren’t your ‘type’

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Ever meet someone in person and, when the question of whether or not there could be a romantic connection came up, you thought to yourself.

They say love is a many splendored thing. According to Katherine Wu at Harvard, scientists like Dr. Helen Fisher at Rutgers have distilled love into three components: lust, attraction and attachment — and all three of them have a lot to do with hormones. Instead, you just want to know why you keep striking out every time you try dating someone new. Instead of looking for Mr. Darcy or Channing Tatum in that scene from Magic Mike, Taitz encourages women to find a man who shares their core values.

Focus on the big stuff — sexual compatibility, desire to have children, obsession with cute dogs — and be flexible on the not-so-important stuff. Paula Abdul said it all the way back in — opposites attract.

Dating People Who Aren’t Your Type

I’ve been single for quite a few years now. Without getting too specific, let’s just say that the last time I had a boyfriend, a pastel-coloured peplum dress was the ultimate style statement, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only had one child to parent. Before you get your tiny violins out, I have been dating, but it seems I’ve struggled to find the ones that are ready to commit.

Thus, you’re not giving up on your type; you’re trading off on certain qualities in order to I can’t date someone that is not physically attractive to me from from the start. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are.

Last Updated: March 29, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 11, times. Learn more Most people have a type, whether it be good or bad. If you find yourself deviating from your type, this can be a good thing.

Spend some time considering your type and why it might change. If you think it could be a positive shift, be open and positive in pursuing the person. If you do decide to pursue this person, keep an open mind and allow yourself to have new experiences.

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